VCT Flooring


General Information
Vinyl composition tile ( V.C.T. ) is a mix of thermoplastic binder, fillers and pigments.
A side note, in 1926 at the B.F. Goodrich labs Waldo Semon ran out of Bromine base for his experiment, he substituted Chlorine. His colleagues thought the funny white powder he came up with was a waste of time.  Semon became fixated on the stuff and began to ignore his assigned projects. Heating it up he came up with Poly-Vinyl Chloride, PVC the epitome of modern plastics.  Today the USA vinyl industry employs over 100,000 people.  Semon died at the age of 100 with over 116 patents to his name.

Vinyl Composition tile offers durability, longevity, reasonable maintenance costs, and assorted colors and patterns. Vinyl composition tiles resists scuffs, burns, dents, and grease, but may require heavy duty cleaning because the embossing can trap dirt.

Maintenance & Care
The Process
Each customer receives the same proven cleaning process. 

Move furniture 
Pre-sweep or dust mop all areas and remove gum, tar, glue, etc. from the floor. 
Apply V.C.T. stripper 
Allow time for the stripper to begin to breakdown oils and soiling 
Scrub away the old wax, stains, and ground in soiling with the appropriate stripping pad (or, brushes) and scrubber 
Extract and rinse away (or, wipe up) the stripper residue 
Apply the first coat of floor finish with a clean mop (dry 45 min.) 
Apply the second coat of floor finish with a clean mop (dry 45 min.) 
Apply the third coat of floor finish with a clean mop (dry 45 min.) (Jobs are often quoted with two coats to keep costs down. The number of coats of polish applied may be specified by the type of vinyl flooring you have.) 

In Preparation for Your V.C.T. Cleaning
Please allow us to communicate a few important points that should prove very helpful.

DRYING TIME. The drying time for most V.C.T. finish is about 45 minutes, depending on the thickness of the application, the volume of air circulation, the temperature and the relative humidity in the room.  Warmer air will draw moisture out of your V.C.T. finish faster.

FURNITURE MARKS. We suggest that you not put your furniture back until the last coat of finish is fully dry. Putting furniture back too early can create marks in the new finish.

RESOILING. After we leave, the V.C.T. will be damp. All foot traffic should be avoided until the drying is complete. V.C.T. finish will mar and resoil easily while damp.

FREQUENCY. There is no set rule as to how often V.C.T. should be cleaned. Frequency of V.C.T. cleaning varies due to the texture of the tile, the amount of foot traffic, the number of V.C.T. finishing coats, the frequency of sweeping and mopping, etc. V.C.T. should generally be cleaned as soon as imbedded soiling begins to appear or the V.C.T. looks dull. 

Special Services

Elite Maintenance will be happy to perform a site visit of your facility and customize our services to fit your individual needs.   

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